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Periodic table and study companion.

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Beautifully designed
Detailed element data
Handy periodic table view
Fasttrack your learning
Powerful filters and sorting


Elementem has been designed to be easy on the eyes, but don't let that fool you. Elementem is just as useful to students learning the periodic table for the first time and professional scientists looking up specific element properties.

Just because this is a scientific reference app, doesnt mean it needs to be sterile and boring. Elementem includes animated Bohr diagrams clearly showing atomic structure of each element.

A handy Quick Facts section is included for each element, with some useful information for budding scientists!

The included Periodic table navigator is a useful way of seeing where elements fall in relation to other similar elements.

Elementem has been optimized to look just as amazing wether you have an iPhone or an iPad. And yes, of course it supports Dark Mode!

Elementem respects your Privacy, it doesnt transmit any data, it doesnt share any data, and it doesnt show you any ads. 👍